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Una guía para elegir su aroma característico

19 may 2022 | blog

 How To Find A Signature Scent?

Collecting perfumes to wear on different occasions, seasons, and moods is great but having a aroma característico is what makes us truly special.


Picking the fragrance that works flawlessly with the unique body chemistry and pleases us (and everyone else!) can be quite challenging. The market is full of quality and alluring niche perfumes so it's easy to get lost while looking for your perfect match.


In this article, we are going to share the main 4 rules to follow if you want to find the one.

4 Rules That Will Help You Pick Your Signature Scent


A perfect perfume is like true love – it's never too late to find it. Some people may fall in love with the first sniff and the others need some time to figure things out with the fragrance. Anyway, it's going to be a wonderful journey. And yes, it may take time. But true love is worth waiting for, right?


Rule #1. Decide what you want from your relationship with the perfume. Are you looking for turning heads and standing out from the crowd? Do you want to feel more confident, fun, or passionate? The right perfume can do everything. As Mr. Guerlain said, "You are the last note of the fragrance". You have the power to transform the perfume you wear, and this is a truly magical trait.


Rule #2. Never be driven by trends, friends' or bloggers' recommendations, or marketing campaigns. When you find the one, you'll feel it instantly. It will make you your ideal self – an uplifted and happy person. And it goes without saying that wearing the right perfume should always be comfortable.


Rule #3. Sample each fragrance on your skin. Spraying and sniffing the testing strip will rather lead you to a horrible mistake than your signature scent.


Rule #4. Don't be shy: experiment a lot. Buy a sample or a travel-size vial, and see which fragrance works the best with your unique scent. However, the general rule here is to limit yourself to 3 options at a time.


Parfum Exquis offers you a large selection of fragrances in any size (mini, travel, or full versions). And here are our top 5 stunning niche perfumes to be remembered.

 Philosykos by Diptyque


 Philosykos Diptyque Niche Fragrance Scent Fig Canada USA Perfume


Principales acuerdos: fig leaves, ripe fig


Philosykos is a cult smell of Paris and the ultimate choice of Parisian women. However, it acquired popularity across the globe – the fresh green opening and rich fruitiness of a ripe fig combined with a coconut creaminess leave no one indifferent. It will teleport you to a sunny resort in Greece or Sicily, where life is joyful and fun.


Choose it if you prefer clean and natural scents with creamy, green and earthy notes.


 Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian


 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Perfume Parfum Scent Fragrance Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait Canada USA Niche


Principales acuerdos: amber, saffron, jasmine


Despite the global obsession, this fragrance won't be suitable for everyone. The thing with the signature scent is that it has to blend perfectly with the natural scent of your body. Although many people find this perfume pleasant, it reveals its true identity (amber, woody, a bit sugary notes) only to the chosen ones.


Choose it if you enjoy sexy and elegant aromas with deep spicy hints.


 Black Orchid by Tom Ford


 Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume Niche Fragrance Parfum USA CANADA Montreal


Principales acuerdos: truffle, flowers (jasmine, gardenia, ylang-ylang), black currant, bergamot, citrus


Complex and unique smell that was born as a result of Tom Ford's quest to find the "perfect flower". This niche perfume blends together floral and spicy notes in the most hypnotizing way. The heart of this fragrance is undoubtedly an orchid complemented by bergamot, truffle, dark fruits, and citrus.


Choose it if you love heavy and dark perfumes with sweet and elegant hints.


 Silver Mountain Water by Creed


 Creed Silver Mountain Water Niche Fragrance Canada USA Montreal Perfume Parfum


Principales acuerdos: mandarin, bergamot, green tea, black currant


This niche perfume was launched in 1995 but feels surprisingly modern. It has casual vibes and can be worn during the spring and summer months. The fragrance is fairly unisex. Need another reason to try it? Silver Mountain Water was a signature scent of David Bowie.


Choose it if you like fruity and fresh aromas.


 Acqua Della Regina by Santa Maria Novella


Niche perfume fragrance canada montreal usa 


Principales acuerdos: citrus, neroli, petitgrain, rosemary, lavender


The history of the fragrance dates back to the 16 century. Acqua della Regina (sometimes referred to as "the Queen's Water") pays homage to the perfume worn by Caterina de' Medici. This Italian perfume is classy but not old-fashioned, impressive but not offensive. The fragrance is very feminine and attractive – it mesmerizes by bergamot and lemony citrus in the opening, which are blended with bright floral accords.


Choose it if you prefer a subtle mixture of leafy and sweet, warm and fresh aromas.

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