Borabora Giardini Di Toscana
Borabora Perfume
Borabora Christmas Special Edition
Borabora Perfume Sample Size 5ml
Borabora Perfume Sample Size 10ml
borabora sample size travel decant
Borabora Giardini Di Toscana
Borabora Perfume
Borabora Christmas Special Edition
Borabora Perfume Sample Size 5ml
Borabora Perfume Sample Size 10ml
borabora sample size travel decant


  • Eau de parfum
  • Giardini Di Toscana

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Сенсорный опыт нового аромата Borabora перенесет вас в мир захватывающих дух ароматов. Сочетание тиаре, иланг-иланга, розы и жасмина создает взрыв цветочных ароматов, которые дразнят ваши чувства. Когда вы танцуете вместе с ароматом, нотки кокоса и ванили придают дополнительную интенсивность ощущениям. Аромат дополняется элегантными нотами мускуса и амбры, создавая манящую и соблазнительную композицию. Когда вы носите Borabora, вы почувствуете, что находитесь в настоящей обонятельной метавселенной, окруженной объятиями ароматов, которые будут сопровождать вас в течение всего дня.

Верхние ноты: тиаре, иланг-иланг, жасмин, абрикос.

Ноты сердца: кокосовое молоко, белый мускус, жасмолактон.

Базовые ноты: Ваниль, Амбра, Белый мускус, Карамель.

  • Сделано в Италии


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Giardini Di Toscana Borabora

Giardini di Toscana has an intriguing family history that laid the foundations for its success. Founded in 1942 by Silvia's grandparents, the brand began as a small perfumery shop in a medieval town in Casentino. Over the years, it evolved into a sophisticated and prestigious store, thanks to the vision and hard work of Silvia's mother, Irma. Today, Silvia is at the helm of the brand and carries on her family's legacy with her innovative and artisanal approach to perfumery.

At Giardini di Toscana, the fragrance philosophy is different. The focus is on creating fragrances that connect with individual personalities, rather than trying to appeal to the masses. The brand's eco-luxury ethos is also evident in its use of organic and sustainable materials in the manufacturing process. Giardini di Toscana's fragrances are inspired by memories and journeys, with each scent telling a story.

Giardini di Toscana: A Legacy of Scent and Storytelling

As the brand's founder, Silvia believes that fragrances have the power to evoke emotions and memories. She's influenced by Patrick Süskind's quote, "Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will." This belief underpins the storytelling aspect of Giardini di Toscana's fragrances, making them unique and unforgettable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wow! This is heaven on a summer day

On me this is smells creamy, cozy, lactonic white floral garden on a hot humid day! It’s very well blended on my skin, no separated notes! It’s full bottle worth for me! No sunscreen vibes. It’s not super original but I love how borabora smells in this scent profile of white florals and sweet caramel flowers.



Very underwhelming - Would not repurchase

This smells identical to bug-repellant. There is no coconut accord at all. Imagine the strongest form of bug spray with a touch of heavy-duty sunscreen, and that's exactly what this smells like. Very disappointed and more upset that I cant return.

Fabiola Perez
Totally IN LOVE!!!

It was a blind buy and this perfume was a total surprise! It’s sweet and floral and VERY UNIQUE! Deeply delicious!


Close your eyes.....you are in a hotel lobby on a tropical island. There are huge planters full of white flowers. There is the subtle scent of sunscreen coming off of the guests coming back from laying by the pool. You catch a waft of sweetness from pina coladas being mixed at the bar. The ocean breeze gently blows in while the sun sets. This is Borabora.