Sky, Travel, Feel... Story behind Parfum Exquis

It has all started in 2010. By that time we had a distinct passion for traveling, that led us to the dream job in aviation. 10 years later we would be glad to share our memories of more than 14000 hours in the sky, 40 visited countries, 3 round-the-world voyages, complemented with devotion for 5-star service standards and exquisite treats. We hardly can name immediately all the cities we have explored but we still keep memories of their spirits expressed in scents. 

Predictably, Italian towns are associated with an early morning in cozy tiny cafés and a little ristretto astringent and awakening at the same time. Every note of species brings back memories of Indian winding streets and vendors with aromas hovering slightly in mid-air. Unconsciously we always knew every location has something specific through regional flavor but had attached no importance to that.

Once we realized that it is true not only for the memories about most places but for people as well. Have you ever noticed that you associate some people with the fragrances they wear? It is more than just something sweet or flowery. We can even say, someone radiates the smell of confidence, freedom, or wealth. Exploring this phenomenon, we discovered for ourselves the new world of Perfumery and fell in love with it.

Nowadays we are newcomers in Canada's magnificent Montreal, keeping passionate about scents and willing to share our passion with you. To our surprise, it was not an easy task to get a good choice of fine perfumes quickly in Canada. Doomed to order items from the US or Europe you could never be sure of final deadlines, authenticity, the safety of packaging or goods, and taxes. That made us endeavor to open the local store of niche perfumery.

Our mission is to help people keep memories and highlight uniqueness via perfume. In our business, we follow the advanced standards in service, along with sustainability doing our best to reduce the carbon footprint.


 Dmitrii and Stanislav

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