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Vertus is a niche perfume brand from France, founded in 1996 by Turkish entrepreneur Cetin Akat. In French the word “Vertus” means "dignity", "virtue", "valor". This is the main principle of the creators of fragrances, leading all the way from the careful development of the concept of composition and the selection of ingredients to the owner. In 2015 the company declared itself and released 11 compositions at once, united in an Exclusive Collection, which a year later was supplemented with new products Eau de Cyan and Ombre. The brand divides the fragrances of the main collection into groups named after the elements of the Earth's structure: Crust, Sima, Xenolyth, Lava. Discovery Set for the inquisitive Is it possible to figure...

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Make this summer unforgettable with oud fragrances. Most controversial choice of summer perfumes.

by Alena Orlova It is almost 20.000 dollars for 1 kilo oud. Sounds expensive, doesn't it? This first impression made by the price might change after answering the question ‘what does oud mean. Let us jump into the tropics of Southeast Asia where the agar tree grows. Sometimes these trees are attacked by specific microorganisms and while fighting them produce resin. Which one in turn gradually permeates the wood and settles in the core of the tree, imbuing and colorizing it almost black. From there, it is extracted after a few decades. This is what the oud means. Up to 20 kilos of the wood core is required for 12 ml of aromatic oud oil.   What does oud in...

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Not another useless gift on Mother's Day

It is so tempting to just jump on a page like “21 Best perfume for your mom” and click on the first pic that looks OK, and the mission is done. That sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? You must be joking. My mom for sure deserves more. You know what I mean. Being in a situation with a ‘last minute’ gift before, I’ve desperately struggled to find a not-another-useless fragrance for my mom. Now I have my own way to deal with it. 

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