Simone Andreoli Review

Simone Andreoli's Best Fragrances

3 май 2024 г.

Simone Andreoli is a young Italian perfumer who, at the age of 22, embarked on his first perfume project that included personal diaries in each bottle, reminiscent of both real and imaginary travels. His texts, fragrances, and calligraphic embellishments are used in the design of the scent bottles to enhance the overall impression. Can you feel that adventurous atmosphere? Let us tell you about his best fragrances.

Leisure in Paradise by Simone Andreoli: your gateway to vacation

Leisure in Paradise by Simone Andreoli is a fragrance for both men and women that deserves a spot in every perfume enthusiast's collection. It combines fruity notes, delicate creams, aromatic coconut, and light alcoholic undertones, creating a unique composition. This fragrance is like a cocktail, sweet and juicy, bringing lightness and joy. It is associated with bright yellow-orange hues and is perfect for a beach vacation. While its longevity is not the highest, this adds playfulness, allowing you to reapply without worrying about overwhelming yourself.

Simone Andreoli Leisure in Paradise Review

Amazing liqueur dessert Vicebomb by Simone Andreoli

Starting with a light tanginess and the cheerful mood of cherries, Vicebomb by Simone Andreoli gradually unfolds with woody notes and sweet sugar. The berry notes linger for 2-3 hours before the scent becomes sweeter and powdery, enveloping you in a sweet airy cloud. Vicebomb is truly a delicious dessert, with luscious cherry liqueur, creamy ice cream with subtle spices, and berry jelly. Ideal for cool weather and evening strolls.

Simone Andreoli Vicebomb Review

Born from Fire by Simone Andreoli: scent of black sand

At first, Born from Fire by Simone Adreoli magnetically attracts with its hot, viscous scent that slowly transitions into sweetness, like real lava from the depths of a volcano! It is best worn on special days when you want to emphasize your mood. Born from Fire smells like black beach sand, spot on. Over time, a sour-sweet rose unfolds, making the fragrance even more enticing and sweeter. Very long-lasting and enchanting.

Sensual Secret: Don't ask me permission by Simone Andreoli

Don't ask me permission by Simone Andreoli is a fragrance for men and women with a soft musk that mesmerizes without being loud. Sweet with a bright tang and a hint of powder, it captivates with its airiness and sensuality. The sandalwood base makes it even more appealing, and its 7-hour longevity allows you to enjoy it all day long. Feel free to fall in love with this fragrance without any restrictions!

Simone Andreoli Don't ask me permission Review

Pool Party with Malibu by Simone Andreoli

The combination of zesty lime, sweet coconut, brown sugar, and woody notes creates an unforgettable trail. Perfect for hot summers and pool parties - a hidden gem! Applied to hair and clothes, I could enjoy the sweet and refreshing scent throughout the day. Malibu by Simone Andreoli is the perfect blend of playfulness and longevity, sure to appeal to young and vibrant personalities.

Simone Andreoli Malibu Party in the bay Review

In conclusion, Simone Andreoli's collection of fragrances embodies a blend of creativity, artistry, and passion, making each scent a unique olfactory experience. From the vibrant and tropical Leisure in Paradise to the intoxicating allure of Born from Fire, beach fragrance tells a distinctive story and evokes a sense of adventure and emotion. The attention to detail in the packaging, incorporating calligraphic designs, adds a personalized touch to the overall presentation. Whether you seek a sweet and playful scent or a sophisticated and mysterious fragrance, Simone Andreoli's creations offer a diverse range of olfactory pleasures for both men and women.



Are Simone Andreoli's Fragrances suitable for both men and women?

Yes, Simone Andreoli's Fragrances are designed to be unisex, making them suitable for both men and women to enjoy.

What are the top notes in Simone Andreoli's Fragrances?

The top notes in Simone Andreoli's Fragrances vary depending on the specific scent, but they often feature a blend of premium ingredients to create a unique and captivating first impression.

How long do Simone Andreoli's Fragrances typically last on the skin?

Simone Andreoli's Fragrances are known for their lasting power, with most scents lingering on the skin for an average of 6-8 hours, allowing you to enjoy the fragrance throughout the day.

Can I find a detailed overview of Simone Andreoli's Fragrances on your website?

Yes, you can explore a comprehensive overview of Simone Andreoli's Fragrances, including information on the scent profiles, ingredients, and inspirations behind each perfume, on our website.

Are Simone Andreoli's Fragrances available in different sizes?

Yes, Simone Andreoli's Fragrances are available in a range of sizes, including travel-sized options and larger bottles, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your needs.

Can I sample Simone Andreoli's Fragrances before making a purchase?

We give you the opportunity to purchase Simone Andreoli fragrance samples so that you can familiarize yourself with the fragrances before buying a full-size bottle.



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