Venezia 1920 review

Elegance and Opulence: Your Guide to Venezia 1920 Perfumes

23 май 2024 г.

Venezia 1920 is a brand of fragrances inspired by the glamor and rich history of Venice in the 1920s. They draw inspiration from all the opulence, romance and mystery that Venice had during that time, and they infuse each scent with a touch of glam and allure to transport you to a bygone era of luxury. They capture the essence of "The City of Water" in every scent they create, combining traditional techniques with modern sensibility. They use only the finest ingredients sourced from high-quality regions, which results in beautiful, long-lasting scents that exude elegance and sophistication.

Divine Venezia 1920: Luxurious and Soothing Harmony


Divine Venezia 1920

Divine opens with a refreshing burst of mandarin, bergamot, and ylang-ylang, which seamlessly blend into enchanting middle notes of sea breeze and delicate rose. The base notes Divine of vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and moss provide a warm, comforting finish. What stands out the most is the abundance of sweet floral notes with a delightful honey undertone, creating a harmonious balance that feels both luxurious and soothing.

Blanc de Blanc Venezia 1920: Exotic Floral Symphony

Venezia 1920 Blanc de Blanc

Blanc de Blanc Venezia 1920 for both men and women. The fragrance opens with a vibrant blend of peach, pineapple, sea water, bergamot, and apricot, creating an invigorating and refreshing start. The heart reveals a lush bouquet of frangipani, jasmine, rose, and magnolia, reminiscent of wild dancing with a frangipani and jasmine boa around your neck. The base notes of coconut, sandalwood, vanilla, and rosewood add a rich, sweet depth. Blanc de Blanc is a masterful composition of tuberose and verbena with a hint of fizz, and the exotic flowers release a sweet, sticky juice, making it irresistibly captivating like a lollipop.

Mosaic Venezia 1920: Aristocratic Elegance

Venezia 1920 Mosaic

Mosaic opens with the rich sweetness of dates, quickly transitioning to a heart of luxurious sandalwood, saffron, and leather. The saffron note, though fleeting, beautifully complements an elegant rose essence intertwined with dried fruits. The base of delicate vetiver, benzoin, and musk adds a refined depth, free from any sharpness or commercial notes. Mosaic exudes an elegant and aristocratic charm, with a sophisticated blend that lingers gracefully on the skin.

Grey Velvet Venezia 1920: Warmth and Sophistication

Venezia 1920 Grey Velvet

Grey Velvet is a captivating unisex fragrance that blends warmth and sophistication. The top note of amber is bright and inviting, setting a luxurious tone. This leads into middle notes of coconut, fig, and plum, where the dusty sandalwood coconut adds a unique and intriguing layer. The base notes of raspberry, sandalwood, and musk provide a smooth, enduring finish. The amber remains prominent, beautifully complemented by the persistent, pleasant background of coconut. Grey Velvet Venezia 1920 is a well-balanced, lasting fragrance that exudes elegance and charm, making it perfect for both men and women.

Harry's Venezia 1920: Refined and Memorable

Venezia 1920 Harry's

Harry's masterfully balances these elements, creating a unique and refined fragrance that is perfect for both men and women.. The top notes of coriander, pink pepper, and geranium create a spicy and floral opening that is both vibrant and intriguing. As Harry's develops, the middle notes of cedar, smoke, and olibanum add a rich, smoky depth that feels warm and inviting. The base notes of labdanum, amber, and leather provide a robust and elegant finish, making the scent persistent and memorable.

Lido Venezia 1920: Elegant Earthiness

Lido is a unisex fragrance that immediately grabs attention with its rich, alcoholic cognac note right from the start. It's loud and flame-like, diffusing beautifully in the air. The smoky, woody aroma carries a hint of dustiness, adding a layer of intrigue and sophistication. Lido masterfully balances elegance and earthiness, creating a scent that's both refined and grounded. The unique blend makes it durable and suitable for any occasion, ensuring I reach for it time and time again.


Venezia 1920 Lido

Oud Royal Venezia 1920: Sensual and Captivating

Oud Royal is an unisex fragrance that The top notes of lemon, orange, and cedar create a sparkling opening, this complements the elegance of the cedar notes. As it settles, the heart reveals a lovely combination of rose and iris, adding a floral touch that's both delicate and alluring. The base notes of oud, saffron, music, and patchouli provide a sensual background that lingers gracefully. The patchouli and musk add depth and warmth, making Oud Royal captivating. 

Venezia 1920 Oud Royal

Peggy Venezia 1920: Versatile Serenity

Peggy is a delightful unisex fragrance that I adore for its versatility. The top note of olibanum opens with a soft, serene vibe, perfectly setting the stage. The middle notes of sandalwood and Atlas cedar blend beautifully, creating a warm, fluffy cloud-like aura that feels uplifting and tranquil. The base notes of amber and musk add a gentle, comforting finish. It's a perfect scent for any time of the year, enveloping me in a sense of serenity. My only wish is that Peggy lasted longer, as its enchanting presence fades sooner than I'd like.

Venezia 1920 Peggy


What are the top notes in Divine Venezia 1920?

Divine Venezia 1920 opens with refreshing top notes of mandarin, bergamot, and ylang-ylang.

Is Blanc de Blanc Venezia 1920 suitable for both men and women?

Yes, Blanc de Blanc Venezia 1920 is a unisex fragrance designed to be enjoyed by both men and women.

How long does the scent of Grey Velvet Venezia 1920 last?

Grey Velvet Venezia 1920 has a long-lasting fragrance that endures throughout the day, thanks to its rich blend of amber, coconut, fig, and plum.

What makes Mosaic Venezia 1920 unique compared to other fragrances?

Mosaic Venezia 1920 stands out with its rich sweetness of dates and luxurious middle notes of sandalwood, saffron, and leather, creating an elegant and aristocratic charm.

Is Lido Venezia 1920 appropriate for everyday wear?

Yes, Lido Venezia 1920, with its rich, alcoholic cognac note and smoky, woody elements, is versatile and suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of the Venezia 1920 perfume brand? The fragrances are inspired by the places, people, and atmosphere that were typical of Venice during the 1920s, a time when it was a popular destination for the international elite.



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