Basil fragrances review

Discover 4 Unique Aromas Infused with the Fresh Scent of Basil

28 май 2024 г.

Basil is a tasty herb that's used in cooking and has a great smell with a hint of green and spice. Its fresh, pleasant scent can add a touch of freshness to any fragrance. It's perfect for men's colognes, but it's also often found in unisex fragrances. Studies say it can help make people more social and less anxious. If you want to explore the world of basil scents, we can help! We'll find you the best options. Discover the magic of basil in this review!

Verdant Basil Symphony: Greasque by Sora Dora

A versatile scent for both men and women, Greasque Sora Dora is a multifaceted fragrance with layers of complexity.The initial freshness reminds me of freshly cut grass, setting a wonderfully cool and refreshing tone that's perfect for warmer days. After 7 hours of wearing , I noticed that Greasque turns into a spicy yet grounded aroma, creating a harmonious blend of notes that is simply enchanting.

Greasque Sora-Dora

Summer Whisper: Basilica Siciliano Narcisse Taormina

Designed for both men and women, Basilica Siciliano is a summer breeze in a bottle. Opening with a zesty burst for me of mint-citrus lemonade, this fragrance transitions into a floral and slightly woody base. After 8 hours, Basilica Siciliano leaves on me a delightful trail of cotton candy and pleasant aftershave cream, making it an ideal choice for summer days

Basilico Siciliano Narcisse Taormina

Torino 21 Xerjoff:  Citrusy Mojito with Basil

Torino 21 Xerjoff is a unisex scent that's just right in between sweet and fresh. It's so juicy and alluring, it'll totally captivate my senses. I can smell hints of mojitos and lemon slices in it, like I'm sipping on a refreshing drink by the pool. Torino 21 lasts for around 6 hours, but after that, there's still a subtle afterglow that makes it a great choice for hot weather.

Torino 21 Xerjoff

Timeless  Basil: Yesterday Room 1015

A unisex fragrance is Yesterday Room 1015 exudes a modern and memorable essence. Opening with invigorating notes of coffee, lavender, and greenery, it leaves a lasting impression that is both bold and fresh. Room 1015 Yesterday boasts persistence and a plume-like quality that lingers throughout the day, making it a timeless choice for any occasion.

Room 1015 Yesterday

In summary, each of these perfumes offers a one-of-a-kind olfactory experience, capturing the essence of basil in its own unique way. Whether you prefer the fresh and spicy notes of Greasque, the tangy sweetness of Basilica Siciliano, the refreshing appeal of Torino 21, or the strong masculinity of Yesterday Room 1015, there's a scent to suit every taste and personality. Dive into the world of fragrance and let your nose lead you on a sensorial journey!


What are basil fragrances?

Basil fragrances are perfumes that incorporate basil as a main note, providing a fresh, spicy, and slightly green scent. 

What are some popular basil fragrances?

Popular basil fragrances include Greasque by Sora Dora, Basilica Siciliano, Torino 21 by Xerjoff, and Yesterday Room 1015. These scents offer a variety of fresh, spicy, and complex notes

How long do basil fragrances typically last?

The longevity of basil fragrances can vary. For instance, some last about 9 hours, while others last around 5 hours. This can depend on the concentration and other ingredients used in the fragrance.

What occasions are basil fragrances best suited for?

Basil fragrances are versatile and can be worn for various occasions. Their fresh and invigorating scent makes them perfect for daytime wear, summer outings, and casual gatherings.

Can basil fragrances help with anxiety?

Yes, studies suggest that basil can help reduce anxiety and promote social interaction. The fresh and uplifting scent of basil fragrances can create a calming effect, making them a great choice for stressful situations.



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