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Exciting News for Canadian Skincare Enthusiasts! Luce di Sorrento Joins Our Shelves

22 окт. 2023 г.

Exciting news for skincare enthusiasts in Canada! We're thrilled to announce the arrival of the coveted Luce di Sorrento skincare line to our store's shelves. Renowned for its blend of natural ingredients sourced from the sun-kissed coasts of Italy, this brand promises a touch of Mediterranean glow in every bottle. Dive in, explore, and let your skin bask with science and nature of Sorrento sun!

Luce Di Sorrento: The Dawn of Holistic Skincare with Cleansing Lux Gel

Ever wonder how to kickstart a perfect skincare routine? It all begins with a solid foundation, and finally, the cornerstone of all holistic skincare is here: the Cleansing Gel Lux!

This isn't just any ordinary gel. Think of it as a spa experience squeezed into a bottle. The Cleansing Gel Lux is loaded with this cool ingredient called LemonLight®, which is basically an amazing lemon extract that helps your skin glow. Mixed with sea water, it helps clear out all the dirt and stuff you don't want on your face. And the best part? It's gentle, so even if you have sensitive skin, it's got your back. Plus, the Sorrento lemon scent? Pure bliss.

Using it is super easy. Just massage it onto damp skin in the morning and evening to get rid of makeup and any impurities. With each use, you're not just cleaning your face; you're taking a step towards brighter, smoother skin. So, next time you think about skincare, remember, it all starts with a good cleanse, and the Cleansing Gel Lux is here to lead the way!

Sorrento's Secret to Ageless Beauty: Discover Global Lux Cream

Ever heard of the LemonLux® mix? It's a special blend that combines the zesty Sorrento Lemon Essential Oil and the rich organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This combo helps make your skin feel fresh and young.

This cream is packed with enchanting elements! It contains five unique components known as biomimetic peptides. These act as tiny assistants that diminish wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Moreover, it also includes Niacinamide, Vitamin C, and Seawater. These join forces to bestow your skin with a radiant, vigorous shine.

But the best part? The cream feels super smooth, and it has this amazing lemon scent. It's not just about looking good, but also enjoying the experience. Every time you use it, it's like a mini spa session at home!

The Elixir of Radiance: Premium Lux Oil.

Discover the age-old secrets of the Sorrento Peninsula with Luce Di Sorrento's Premium Lux Oil. Immerse your skin in an unparalleled luxurious treatment that captures the very essence of radiance and revitalization. Powered by the meticulously sourced LemonLux® complex, this oil boasts the invigorating Sorrento Lemon Essential Oil paired with the nourishing richness of organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Together, they create a symphony that rejuvenates, regenerates, and imparts a luminous glow to your complexion.

Yet, the magic doesn't end there. Infused with potent Vitamin E, vegetable Squalene, and a bouquet of other essential oils, the Premium Lux Oil promises not just intense hydration but also a barrier against the test of time. As it melts into your skin, leaving no trace of greasiness, every drop tells a story of tradition, purity, and the unmatched beauty of Sorrento. Your skin’s journey to luminosity starts and ends here.

The Luce di Sorrento skincare line is a testament to the fusion of nature's bounty and cutting-edge science. Drawing inspiration from the age-old beauty of Sorrento, these products are designed not just to nourish the skin, but to provide a holistic sensory experience. Embrace a touch of Mediterranean luxury and let your skin tell tales of rejuvenation and timeless radiance.



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