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Bianco Latte
Linda Yamamoto

Bianco Latte

Excellent package!!

Great!!! Powerful e magnificent fragrance

Divine Vanille
Claudie Quevillon
Divine vanille

C’est un bon parfum.
Il est un peu épicé sur moi
Il fait très bien à mon amoureux.

Bianco Latte

Perfection. Exactly what I wanted. Came with a sample to test in case I didn’t like it and could return it easily without opening the larger bottle. I had made a mistake with my order initially and they got back to me within 24 hours (on a weekend too) and fixed it immediately. 10/10 will buy again.

Bianco Latte
Lisa Vandriel
Give this perfume sometime

When I first purchased this a fragrance, I wasn’t crazy about it but after a week wearing it every day I am absolutely in love. I can’t smell it on my self but I can smell it on my clothes at the end of the day and it smells absolutely delicious. Please give it some time. Parfum Exquis, was absolutely wonderful to deal with. They even sent samples and a sample of this actual perfume just in case I didn’t like it I could send back the unopened package I highly recommend and would purchase from them again in a heartbeat I actually will be purchasing this again.

I never should have listened.....

i bought this as a blind buy, i know, i know but the noted and the "Rave reviews" how could i not love it?? Here's how............. It smells like pure acetone nail polish remover. Then it fades to old mouldy/musky bathroom. I can't smell any thing other that. On paper this should be a top tier scent for me. Sadly, my body chemistry just doesn't mesh with it .I know that a perfume scent can sometimes change slightly after being opened and exposed to air, so i'm really hoping this happens. Just have to wait mand see

Don’t Even Think Twice About This

Get it - if you’re a fan of sweet yet decedent vanilla caramel scents, buy it. I want to wear it everyday, but save it for special occasions! Vanilla/Gourmand girls - this is YOUR scent!

Absolute Aphrodisiac
Svitlana Ternavska
I like it

Sweet deep, good for winter and evening

TikTok Made Me Buy It

I was looking for some niche fragrances when I came across a TikTok from Parfum Exquis that raved about a few fragrances from Lorenzo Pazzaglia. A few sounded interesting so purchased the discovery set. I like 3 for sure and the others I'm still not sure about. Happy with this purchase as it is broadening my view of new fragrances.

Blind Buy But Happy I Did!

Purchased just based on the descriptions of what each sample had and so very happy I did. I found 4 new fragrances I did not know about but now absolutely love! So happy Parfum Exquis has so many discovery sets to chose from!

Great way to try a new brand!

I bought this specifically so I wouldn't have to blind buy bianco latte. I had also heard good things about bianco oro and Celeste, so I thought why not? Beautiful presentation, wrapped with a lovely bow from Parfum Exquis- I've been trying to get my hands on Bianco Latte since, and's been hard 😅🤣

Bianco Latte
Mylène de Repentigny
Bianco Latte

Perfect gift for my daughter

Extrême Vanilla
Jacqueline Strasser
Extreme Vanille is beautiful!

Love this scent. Have ordered a couple of more samples, but I think this fragrance will be my new main one.

Cherry Punk
Lorine Stern

Love this perfume, front of my rotation!

Bois Imperial
Lawrence Anoliefo
Fake perfme

I have used this perfume before and it lasts the whole day and I got a lot of compliments. However, what I got from exquisite was a copy and not the original. It does not last 1hour. I wished I could return it because I was very disappointed,.

Grand Soir
Natalia Kouchen
Grand Soir

Great fragrance, excellent blend amber and vanilla! Perfect for special occasions.

Caramel Oud

Most unique caramel ! It’s Smooth yet has a lot of depth and very unisex .

Bianco Latte
Lisa Vandriel
Bianca latte

Although I received the best customer service from this store, I did not enjoy this fragrance they were kind enough to give me a sample so I didn’t have to open up the packaging in case I didn’t like it but I heard so much hype about it on TikTok, but I thought I would give it a go I will wear it through the winter my daughter seems to like vanilla fragrances so she might inherit it


This is one of my very best blind buys of 2023❣️ There is something addictive about this scent and it brings compliments when I wear Vicebomb .... so happy this is available in Canada, parfum exquis offers some fabulous , harder to find scents 🙏💕


Such a pleasant smell that just feels cozy

Bois Imperial
Nick Tess

Best woodsy scent ever. Unisex, too.

Bianco Latte

More caramel than vanilla

This fragrance is beautiful