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Instant Crush
Geneviève D'Astous

Instant Crush

Cindy C
Great Communication

The perfume spells beautiful and the customer service was outstanding. Will be ordering again in the near future.


Has a very unique floral aspect, so I can see how it would not be for everyone.
I would say it has a gentle sweetness to it.
Lasts for a while on my skin!

Not for me

Arrived super quickly! The smell on my skin is more latex-y- from the saffron(?), rather than sweet candy. Maybe I need to let it oxidize more? Lasts long though :)

Gypsy Water
Kaila Purcey
Gypsy water


Gisele Irankunda
Pretty sweet

The most amazing pineapple scent, talk about well blended notes. My favourite perfume of all time she is an icon

The Queen of Sheba
Suzy Lo Cicero-Lynch
Scent doesn’t last

Smells great but scent wears off very quickly.

Marjolaine Guay
J'adore ce parfum!

Meme s'il s'agit d'un parfum masculin, pour moi, il est totalement unisexe! Je suis une femme et il me va tres bien. Je n'ai que des compliments lorsque je le porte!
Je recommande fortement aux femmes également.

Fresh Scent

I didn’t like it when just smelling it out of the bottle at first, but it wears beautifully. The initial notes that are a bit strong disappear quickly once you’re wearing it. I have received lots of compliments on it so far and everyone says it smells very fresh. For the comments about it not lasting long - I have found that if you spray on your clothes, not just on wrists/neck it lasts a long time. It is definitely more subtle and doesn’t have a huge cloud, but that makes it perfect for daily wear, especially if you work in an office where people may be sensitive to overpowering scents. Will definitely repurchase as my day to day signature scent.

Roula Habchy

Italica is a yummy perfume , will please for sure gourmand lovers . Smells like a milky almondy cookie . Long lasting on my skin and a compliment getter .

Roula Habchy

Dincanto is a sexy and complex perfume . Came off boozy on my skin at first sniff , heavy on patchouli , sweet and attractive.
It has also amber notes . Love it but this perfume is not for everybody.


This is an amazing balance between invigorating and relaxing, because of its combination of citrus and vanilla. It lasts so long, even outside in Canadian winters. It’s slowly becoming my signature sent in winter.

Cheryl Hodges

I just received my spring samples set,
Out of the 5 samples, the Xerjoff Lira is definitely my favorite.
I'm not a Fruity Floral Fan but I wanted to give this Spring Sample a try.
Lira by Xerjoff is definitely a warm sensual scent.
Although I can smell the Red-Orange in it , there's something else that takes that annoying citrus out and smooths it in.
I can't stand those Scents w/the overbearing citrus smells because they all smell like " Kitchen or Bathroom Cleaners" to me.
This Lira is definitely Yummy and SEXY.
I immediately went WOW when I sprayed it.

Spring Sample set
It was okay

I really only liked the Azora fragrance,the others not so much

Wonderful package and nice selection

Grâce à votre boutique j’ai la chance de découvrir et tomber en amour avec cette maison de parfums.
Parmi ceux que j’ai testés et portés, pour le monument, mes deux coups de cœur sont Ichnusa et Battito D’Ali. Je me donne le temps de découvrir les autres.

Essential Parfums Discovery Sample set 8*2ml

Vanille Havane
Jared Miller
Great Scent!!!

Vanille Havane is one of the best scents I've ever smelled & I was able to get it on the cheap from Parfum Exquis! Thank you!

So happy

I was so excited to find Simone Andreoli in Canada❣️❣️ Excellent value to try 8 fragrances from the house 😍, the samples arrives quickly and I only gave 4 stars bc not all of the fragrances were loves , but very happy and several could be fb worthy 💝

Dulcis in Fundo
Nathalie Fréchette

For gourmand lovers …. That’s the one .
Very long lasting .
And also a compliments getter ❤️

Found some new favorites!

I’ll be honest, I ordered this set specifically for the Azora Perfume that went viral in Tik Tok. Everything with my order was great, it shipped super fast and was packaged so cute and well! As far as the fragrances go, I really don’t know how to describe them in a way that would be helpful. Azora is definitely a unique scent but in a good way. This set is a great way to try it or any of the other scents you’re interested in before committing to a whole bottle. They honestly all smell amazing and I really can’t pick a favorite so I would say it’s a very well put together set.

Adele Ventresca
Not what I hoped

I purchased this perfume after a woman on TikTok said it had a beautiful scent…. Unfortunately it didn’t for me. Sorry

Sabrina Thisdelle
Refreshing Scent

Azora is a very light and refreshing scent, as someone that is used to a stronger scent this made for a really nice change. I think this would work well on a lot of people.

Victoria Grant
Love it

Smells very nice

Janelle Kolodka
Azora was a total disappointment.

For the cost of this perfume I would have expected a lot more. Does not last at all. It’s basically a body spray. Very upsetting considering the cost was over a $150.

Cool little discovery set

I have no regrets buying this discovery set. The cherry note is definitely present in all included perfumes. When I read the descriptions of each perfume I thought I would love all of them, but I'm still unsure about some of them (on me specifically and in general), and I don't think I'd buy full size of every one of them. This discovery set was the perfect way to figure that out at low cost. Shipping was very fast, the packaging was lovely and arrived in great condition (the pictures included are after weeks of opening and closing regularly). The sample spray bottles also work well. I am very happy with my purchase and can't wait to try other sets.