Nin-Shar by Jul Et Mad

Nin-Shar by Jul Et Mad

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Inspired by Babylon and its magnificent Suspended Gardens, this composition bears the name of the Sumerian Goddess of Plants. This superb multi-facetted fragrance, built around the purest Turkish Rose Absolut, astonishes by its extreme elegance, strong character, powerful and unisex personality.

The Accord: Rose / Oud

This very contrast is evoked in “Nin-Shar”. The purest and best quality absolute of Turkish Rose was employed here, revealing a rich, profound, strong, powerful multi-facetted fragrance where soft, comforting, floral, powdery facets, intertwine with strong, green, balsamic, woody, earthy notes, a pure representation of the entire plant, from the soft, floral petals to the green leaves, stem and thorns, and all the way to the roots.

Head : Bergamot, Rose Liquor, Davana Essence
Heart: Turkish Rose Absolute, Jasmin of Egypt, Fraction Patchouli
Bottom : Oud, Benjoin, Bourbon Vanilla, Virginia Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Incense Absolut

Concentration : Extrait de Parfum

Parfumeur : Sidonie Lancesseur, Maison Robertet – Grasse, France