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Los 6 mejores perfumes de nicho para hacer que este verano sea inolvidable

24 may 2022 | blog

What is the best niche perfume for summer?

Are you impatient about the upcoming season of fun, long sunny days, and vacation? Summer is approaching and you surely have lots of plans and hopes for the next few months. It's time to find the best summer fragrance to accompany your adventures!


High temperatures influence our mood and the performance of any perfume so replace your sweet or woody fragrances with fresh notes. Whether you prefer crispy citrusy scents, flirty floral hints, or mellow fruity accords, you will be able to find your perfect match in our list of niche perfumes for summer.


Our selection contains 6 diverse fragrances from the leading perfume brands. We are confident that there will be something special for you here!


Habibi by Bybozo



habibi perfume


Its subtle and delicate fragrance will envelop you with a fresh breeze in the opening. Wearing this summer scent is like entering a forest after the rain. Isn't that what we all need during unbearable heat? This captivating perfume combines notes of lush green grass, powdery musk, and cherries – such a unique composition has never been created before.


This niche perfume can be your secret weapon during this season: take it with you when going on a date, attending a glamorous party, or even at work. A nonchalant mood is guaranteed.


Principales acuerdos: grass, almond, cherry


Philosykos by Diptique



philosycos buy


Dreaming of going to Paris this summer? You can take this romantic city with you everywhere you go. One spray of Philosykos will evoke sweet nostalgic memories and transport you directly to the Mediterranean seashore: green, freshly cut grass in the opening smoothly transitions into the coconut creaminess with notes of ripe figs.


This summer fragrance is an icon and top choice for many men and women across the globe. Join the enormous community of Philosykos lovers and order your sample before it gets too hot. You'll never regret this meeting!


Principales acuerdos: fig leaf, fig, green notes


Roses on Ice by Kilian



roses on ice perfume


Versatile niche perfume that is cool, herbal and floral at the same time. It smells like a cucumber lemonade in the background and flowers accents. It reminds a good summer party – when you just had your gin-tonic and are ready to make this night memorable. The fragrance may not cure your hangover in the morning but will stay with you until the first light.


Roses on Ice is that kind of summer scent that instantly uplifts your spirit. The fragrance can be an everyday addition to your elegance and confidence.


Principales acuerdos: cucumber, juniper berries, lime, rose


Delina La Rosee by Parfums de Marly


la rosee perfume


This fragrance may seem like a plain fruity-floral perfume until you try it. The fresh dewy accents and sweetness of flowers create a light and soft touch. It literally blooms on the skin but not with intense, Middle Eastern notes.


Delina La Rosee is feminine but not girlish, sensual but not sexy. It can be worn throughout the day without fear of disturbing other people. Romantic, vibrant, and elegant summer scent suitable for meaningless flirt and holiday romance.


Principales acuerdos: litchi, bergamot, pear, peony, Turkish rose


Wandervogel by 27 87 perfumers




This perfume should be worn with a long dress (or white cotton shirt if you are a man) on a sea resort. However, if you stay in the city this summer, Wandervogel's aquatic notes will bring the vacation vibe wherever you are. Natural sweet mint and the relaxing aroma of beach pebbles interchange in their alluring play.


Refreshing like an ocean breeze but fleeting like the whole summer season, this fragrance will make a wonderful addition to hot days.


Principales acuerdos: sweet mint, sea notes, shiso leaves, anise


Fresh Orient by Vertus



vertus fresh orient


Perfectly balanced niche perfume with fresh and floral accents and a musky finish. The additional touch of green leaves gives this scent a unique character. Imagine yourself picking up tender magnolia flowers, jasmine, and lilies in a shadowy botanical garden near the seaside. This is what Fresh Orient makes you feel like.


Light and inspiring, this summer fragrance will make you forget about all your worries and boost your mood. The best time to wear it is in the daytime. Evenings, even the summer ones, require something more serious. Suitable for both men and women.


Principales acuerdos: green leaves, black currant, bergamot, grapefruit

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