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Ni un regalo más inútil en el Día de la Madre

2 may 2021 | blog

It is less than a week to Mother's Day and from every corner, ads are screaming with headlines "21 Best perfume for your mom", "11 Secrets to find the perfect fragrance for mother". 

It is so tempting to just jump on a page and click on the first pic that looks OK, and the mission is done. That sounds like a good plan, doesn't it? You must be joking. My mom for sure deserves more.

You know what I mean. Being in a situation with a 'last minute' gift before, I've desperately struggled to find a not-another-useless fragrance for my mom. Now I have my own way to deal with it. I take a minute to answer a few questions.


Who knows your mother better than you?

Not a glamorous magazine, neither a blogger nor pop-up ads on your phone. Google knows you may say, but I don't think so. You are the main person close to your mom and understand her better than anyone.

What is perfume?

A perfume represents memories enclosed in a bottle. Scents are for many the easiest way to bring back memories. Can you remember the time your mother was really happy and make an association with a scent? Or take a look at the fragrances on your mom's dressing table. This will give you a tip about the notes and accords that she may enjoy!

What do women want?

Fashion and art along with perfume are a form of self-expression for a woman  and an embodiment of her personality. Make research, choose carefully, and establish an emotional connection with fragrance.


What's behind the scene?

Since I was a child I knew my mom always praises mimosa flowers. Once I asked her why she adores the mimosa scent so much. She told me a story that goes back to the time of engagement with my father. On a chilly 1 March morning, my father came to her apartment with an armful of mimosa. She thought it was her birthday gift but suddenly he knelt for a proposal. I suddenly got that mimosa scent gives her a lot of dear memories. Since then I use it as a clue when doing a choice. 

También, my mom is a businesswoman that's why a fragrance should not be too vivid or fruity, basically giving her a feeling of balance and freshness. 

Armed with that knowledge I quickly chose a perfect match for any occasion, and she loves it.

Bamboo Harmony by Killian

Top notes:  Bergamot, Neroli and Bitter Orange
Middle notes: Tea, Bamboo, Mimosa and Spices
Base notes: Fig Leaf, Holly and Oakmoss
Very light refreshing and delicate aroma. 


It is not as complicated as it seems.

Anyway, if you are still in a rush with no extra time for research, have a look at my list of Mother's Day perfumes.


The New-to-perfume Mom.  It is a tough challenge to choose a fragrance as a gift since she does not wear perfumes. Consider making a connection with memory and light and fresh floral or citrus fragrance will be a perfect present.


Earl gray & Cucumber by Jo Malone
Earl gray & Cucumber perfume by Jo Malone decant 5 and 10 ml

Top notes: Bergamot, Water Notes, Jasmine and Red Apple
Middle notes: Angelica and Cucumber
Base notes: Beeswax, Musk, Virginia Cedar and Vanille
A bit sweet, refreshing and traditional fragrance.

Clean Rain by Clean

Clean Rain fragrance
Top Notes: Dewy Melon, Daffodil, Watermint
Middle Notes: Spring Daisy, Water Lily, Violet Leaves
Base Notes: Fluid Musks, Sleek Woods
Light and freshness with a touch of sweetness and clarity, perfect for daytime.

The connoisseur mom — she is definitely into perfumery, loves scents, understands accords and trends. Niche perfume with exceptional, exquisite, and original aroma will be a perfect gift. 
Mistpouffer by Stora Skuggan
Mistpouffer perfume by Stora SkugganTop notes: Bergamot and Immortelle

Middle notes: Pine Tree, Fig Leaf and Ozonic notes
Base notes: Sugar, Malt, Cypriol Oil or Nagarmotha, Smoke and Vetiver
Foggy but not aquatic, smoky but not heavy. Natural, but in equal parts supernatural. Unique perfume and a subject of controversy.

Eau de Minthé by Diptyque

Top notes: Mint and Nutmeg
Middle notes: Geranium and Rose
Base note is Patchouli
A retro scent. It reminds me of a lot of colognes released in 80-90s.


The traditional mom — she wears nice mass-market or lux scents. Elegant perfume is the best option. 

Delina by Parfums de Marly
Delina perfume by Parfums de marly

Top notes: Litchi, Rhubarb, Bergamot and Nutmeg 
Middle notes: Turkish Rose, Peony, Musk, Petalia and Vanilla
Base notes: Cashmeran, Cedar, Haitian Vetiver and Incense. 
It's feminine, infused with romantic, warm and inviting scent.


Red Roses by Jo Malone
Red roses by Jo Malone

Top notes: Lemon and Mint
Middle notes: Bulgarian Rose and Violet Leaf 
Base note is Beeswax
Pure, fresh  and warm classic massive rose.


Infusion d'Iris Prada

Iris by Prada

Top notes: African Orange flower, Neroli, Orange and Mandarin Orange
Middle notes: Iris, Galbanum and Mastic or Lentisque
Base notes are Incense, Virginia Cedar, Benzoin and Vetiver
Super nostalgic vibes. Clean, elegant, classy and for all occasions.


Now it's up to you how and where to find the fragrance that will melt your Mother's heart. 

One last tip, if you are still not sure about the choice, decant-size fragrances are the way to resolve the issue. It is the safest way to achieve the goal. You can present few different decant fragrances for your mom, and she will decide which is the best for her.

We love our moms are preparing  a special discount for Mother's day of 20% for any order with more than 3 perfume decants. 


*3 perfume decants or more, valid until 09/05/2021



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