Les Fleurs du Golfe exclusively in Parfum Exquis

Presentamos Les Fleurs du Golfe: nuevo perfume de nicho asequible

15 jul 2022

Les Fleurs du Golfe: affordable niche perfume with an exceptional character

This summer month, the Parfum Exquis team has prepared an exclusive surprise for every perfumista! A brand-new collection of affordable niche perfumes is available in nuestra tienda en línea.

Cherry cashmere niche perfume

Inspired by sweet and musky oriental scents, aromas of flowers, and rich ingredients, the perfumes from Les Fleurs du Golfe will slowly open up layer after layer to suit your mood and occasion: date, night out, summer vacations, strolling in the city, etc. And, of course, they come in a gorgeous bottle that deserves a place on your shelf!

About Les Fleurs du Golfe

The history of the brand began in 2016. The main idea is to introduce the charming scents of the Orient to a new audience. While the heart of the company is in the Middle East, the cradle of every scent is in France.

Why this cheap niche fragrance should become your new must-have? Here are a few thoughts to make your doubts evaporate:

  • The connection between east and west. The invigorating aromas of the Orient and the fine quality of the French manufacture blend together to capture your senses.
  • It's more affordable than the majority of fragrances from well-known perfume houses.
  • Not mainstream. Tired of smelling the very same scents everywhere you go? With Les Fleurs du Golfe, it won't be a problem.
Baccara Vanilla vanilla fragrance with beast longevity

If you're looking for a new vanilla fragrance with beast longevity, classic unisex scents, or tropical hints of fruits to brighten up your day, don't hesitate to check the selection of Les Fleurs du Golfe fragrances in the Parfum Exquis  boutique. 

Affordable niche perfume with a touch of French elegance

Raving reviews on Instagram and TikTok made this cheap niche fragrance an object for the hunt. Rare and unique compositions, high-quality ingredients, and impressive longevity – these Oriental scents will accompany you everywhere you go.

cheap Oriental fragrances with longevity 

The brand offers a wide selection of perfumes: choose between sweet fragrances, spicy aromas, or floral notes. Can't decide what to pick? Order a sample set and get a chance to discover the entire collection of the fragrance house.

The selection of cheap niche fragrances at Parfum Exquis

Les Fleurs du Golfe is a brand that promotes multicultural cooperation and boosts the spirit of discovery. The familiar notes of vanilla, litchi, musk, lily-of-the-valley, and juicy fruits open up from the new sides. Rare combinations of notes create an unforgettable sensational journey and a one-of-the-kind experience.

Need affordable niche perfume that will make heads turn? You can get it in our online boutique! The collection of the brand is spacious enough to please even the most demanding perfumista: we have 8 different scents in stock and offer a sample set for those who love trying new fragrances without buying the whole bottle.

As soon as the perfume touches the skin, the magic begins. The notes change each other as it dries down, blending with the unique chemistry of the body. Choose your significant other, make a few spritzes, and let your love story begin!

Why the fragrances from Les Fleurs du Golfe are worth a try?

The brand has already gotten the attention of fragrance lovers and collectors. All scents have irresistible magnetism and cannot be compared to any other perfume.

nice gourmand fragrances

Whether you're a fan of vanilla fragrances with beast longevity or prefer complex perfumes with contrasting notes, Les Fleurs du Golfe can be a jewel in your collection. These delightful creations with Oriental roots are already waiting for you on the Parfum Exquis website. Treat yourself with an exceptional gift and let this sweet fragrance highlight your best sides.

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