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BDK Parfums: descripción general de la casa y guía de compra

20 sept 2022

From Mediterranean fig to Haitian vetiver: an olfactory journey with BDK Parfums


There are as many scents as there are personalities so picking a fragrance might be a challenging task. From budget options to iconic names – the abundance of choices leaves us confused and lost. But where do you find truly exclusive and prestige perfume houses? The obvious answer is Paris! This is exactly where BDK Parfums was born.


The impressive array of aromas will transfer you from the heart of the French capital to every corner of the world. This is not an average perfume and you'll feel it from the first notes. Intriguing, charismatic, multifaceted, and classy fragrances by BDK Parfums are for any season, occasion, and mood.


The Parfum Exquis online boutique offers a wide selection of the products of the brand – from light flower cologne to intense green fig scents. Behind every fragrance, there's a story that evokes beautiful memories and emotions.


Let's get acquainted with this exceptional perfume house!


History of the BDK perfume brand


The inexplicable elegance of Paris has always been a muse for artists, writers, and designers. And no elegance is possible without perfume. David Benedek, founder and CEO of independent perfume house BDK Parfums reflected his inspiration in the collection of luxury fragrances.


Born and raised Parisian, David has been surrounded by the stunning vibe of the city since childhood. The label was created in 2016 but perfumery has been in David's life long before that: his grandparents opened a luxury perfumery store in the chic Palais-Royal neighborhood and taught him the basics of this art.

 bdk niche perfume

The first collection of the brand consisted of 5 fragrances inspired by the City of Love and its inhabitants. One of the staples of the brand, Rouge Smoking even made it to the top 5 scents at the FiFi Awards, known as the "Oscars of the fragrance industry". In 2019, the best-seller of the label – The gris oscuro fragrance – was released.


BDK Parfums keeps embodying Parisian vibes in its hypnotizing creations: with every year, the collections are expanded and new products are added. For example, several iconic scents are represented in the selection of BDK hair mists.


Behind the scenes: the philosophy of the House


For David Benedek and his team, this has never been about profit or fame. According to the founder, the perfume industry is a great opportunity to bottle the scenes of Parisian life and share his vision of the city. Every fragrance is like a book, with its plot and story portrayed via a cocktail of scents.


Thus, the delicate fruity and flower cologne Bouquet de Hongrie transfers us to Paris during springtime. It's the time when the sensual beauty of nature awakes, trees in the courtyard of the Palais-Royal begin to bloom, and the heart flutters from the subtle vibe of sweet tenderness. Inspirational musky perfume for summertime and first dates.

 bdk parfums perfume fragrance

gris oscuro with the notes of Mediterranean fig, warm cardamom, and sensual sandalwood tells the intimate story of two lovers hiding from the autumnal Parisian grayness in bed. Seductive and tempting, it awakens hidden desires of the heart and promises the most passionate soiree.


Nuit de Sable is another love story, yet a different one. Spring night, two people strolling until the first ray of sun, and the starry sky of Paris above their heads. There's something warm and spicy in the air. The sensual vibe of this fragrance is highlighted by the notes of sweet Turkish rose, spices from the Middle East, and hot sand accord.


Subtle art of perfumery: why you should try BDK Parfums


Independent niche fragrances have been dominating in the market for over a decade now. People choose them for multiple reasons: price, novelty, unique olfactory experience, or unusual notes in the composition.


The philosophy of BDK Parfums is based on several unshakable principles: passion, authenticity, creativity, excellent craftsmanship, and tradition. Living in the heart of Paris for his entire life, David Benedek has absorbed the aesthetics and energy of this place. That's why every perfume he creates reveals a new side of the city and the people who live there.

 creme de cuir perfume buy

As the founder of the brand explained in his interview, Paris is a city of multiple cultures. That's why, the ingredients for every perfume are brought from all corners of the world – cedar from the US, orange blossoms from Morocco, sandalwood from India, and other exotic and quality plants, flowers, or spices. In France, they meet to create a wild cocktail of aromas.


Fans of crispy green fig scents, bitter woody aromas, or fresh aquatic notes will enjoy the diversity of fragrances offered by the brand. All of the trendy scents are available in the Parfum Exquis online boutique con envío gratis.


Collections of fragrances


What I personally like about this brand is the approach to grouping the fragrances. Behind every collection is a unique idea, which evokes certain emotions and memories. Wearing the perfume by BDK Parfums is like being a part of a story. Which story is it going to be? You decide when you choose your scent!


Currently, there are 4 collections of perfumes:


  1. Parisienne (Parisian). The collection takes you on a journey through different districts of Paris and reminds of their unique vibe and energy.
  2. Matieres (Raw materials). Each perfume centers around one dominating ingredient and shows how different notes can highlight the intensity of the scent.
  3. Azur (Riviera). Crisp fragrances with a touch of Mediterranean vacation memories: a few sprays will take you to the sunlit beaches of Capri, Corsica, or Nice.
  4. Exclusivo.


Lovers of flower cologne will find a perfect match for any occasion. And if you feel like enveloping yourself in a truly luxurious smell, you can find the perfume with the famous Vdara lobby scent – some fragrances of the House include green fit accords.


Can't get enough of your favorite scent? The brand turned some of its best-selling perfumes into BDK hair mists. They will wrap you in a chic atmosphere even on an ordinary day.


More about the top picks of the brand


Con Parfum Exquis, you have a great chance to safely test as many fragrances as you want: order sample-size bottles at an affordable price and discover the universe of the BDK collections.


Let's learn more about the best-selling fragrances of the label!


Pas Ce Soir (eau de parfum)


One of the first creations of the brand from the collection Parisienne.

 pas ce soir bdk parfums

Definitely a crowd-pleaser. A safe blind buy for going to the summer cocktail parties and happy hour outings. Parfum Exquis has this stunning perfume in stock in three sizes.


Creme de Cuir: sensual elixir with a touch of vanilla


Unisex perfume from the Matieres recopilación.

 creme de cuir bdk parfums

A great option to cure post-vacation nostalgia: the perfume's fruity notes slowly change into a warm and creamy finish. This fragrance is available in the Parfum Exquis online store.


Tubereuse Imperiale


Clean flower cologne from the Matieres recopilación.


This sweet and smooth fragrance is an irreplaceable companion during summertime dressy occasions: garden parties or weddings. Or you can wear it on ordinary days to feel pretty and feminine. Get your bottle online on the Parfum Exquis website.


Rouge Smoking


The complex scent from the collection Parisienne with numerous nuances and shades. For women, it's a total mujer fatal fragrance. Deep sultry vanilla with a touch of delicious black cherry. For men, it's the projection of self-confidence and class. Hot spicy red pepper and animal notes of cashmere wood. Careful when wearing this – others might get addicted to style and erotic energy of you!

 rouge smoking bdk parfums

Created for bold outings, whether it's a hot date or flirting with a stranger in the bar. This flirtatious, intriguing, and sexy fragrance is available in our online boutique.


Gris Charnel


Probably, the most celebrated fragrance from the collection Parisienne.


Perfectly unisex, Gris Charnel can be a wonderful matching perfume for two. It blends with the skin's DNA and creates a lasting vibe of gray Parisian fall. You don't want to go anywhere wearing it – this is a perfect scent to start the sensual sleepless night.

 gris charnel official miniature

In 2022, the brand released Gris Charnel Extrait. Despite the similar composition, it's a more textured version of Gris Charnel. Let's take a closer look at the performance of these two scents.


Gris Charnel vs Gris Charnel Extrait

Despite sharing the same fig-iris-vetiver-tonka bean axis, these two fragrances unfold differently. Mathilde Bijaoui, the creator of the Extrait version said she wanted to focus on the woody and spicy sides of the original scent and make them more prominent.

Si Gris Charnel opens up with a milky tea and sweetness of Mediterranean fig, we feel nothing like this in Extrait. It starts with the prominent spicy hints, even with some smoky accords.

Gris charnel extrait perfume authentic

Gris Charnel leans to the feminine side thanks to the lactonic notes of Tonka bean. It's soft, cozy, and sophisticated. Extrait has a woody finish since sandalwood and cedar come forward. You can feel the power and the bold energy as the perfume dries down: something that speaks to the masculine side.

 Order Extrait here

Discover the best-selling fragrances from BDK Parfums with Parfum Exquis


Discovering independent niche brands is a trendy way to find your signature scent. With the BDK Parfums House, you can be confident in the supreme quality of fragrances – David Benedek inherited his passion for perfumery from his grandparents. Through his creations, he shares the scenes of Parisian life and the most intimate stories of its inhabitants.


Enter the olfactory library and choose a story that appeals to your senses: from romantic floral aromas to luxury Vdara lobby scents, Parfum Exquis offers you authentic niche perfumes at an affordable price. Dare to be whoever you want with the seductive smells of the BDK Parfums creations.

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