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7 perfumes italianos de los que enamorarse: lo mejor de Profumum Roma

5 oct 2022

7 de larga duración Italian perfumes you would instantly want to try

 profumum roma perfume

Italian brands have gathered the popularity and love of millions of people across the globe because of their excellent craftsmanship and uniqueness. From designer bags to magnificent perfumes, the label "made in Italy" is a synonym of supreme quality. If you crave an opulent Italian vibe, try any of these niche fragrances from Profumum Roma.


¿No sabes por dónde empezar? discovery set of 8 best-selling fragrances.


We have reviewed 7 fabulous perfumes by Profumum Roma, which may excite your interest in this label and help you in the endless search for "the one".


Thundra: the hypnotizing serenity of the boreal forest

thundra profumum roma 

Intimate and wet scent to wear during summer. Beautifully blended notes of refreshing mint and intense patchouli recreate the atmosphere of solitude as if you take a walk in a prehistoric forest. A truly meditative fragrance that makes you breathe deeper and helps your mind escape from the daily routine.


Disponible en 3 sizes in the Parfum Exquis boutique.


Principales acuerdos: patchouli, mint, white musk


Arso: a cozy getaway to the Adriatic pine forest

 arso profumum roma

Rich and natural scent of burning pine trees in cold weather. Pretty linear olfactory path, which shows the power of perfumery: pine needles and cedar leaves dominate in the opening, and smoky burning wood comes forward as it dries down. Ideal for cuddling and snuggling during chilly days and evenings.


The scent isn't sensual or playful but rather warm and cozy. The final touch of leather in the composition brings certain intimacy. It's the story of a wooden cottage in the trees and crackling logs in the fireplace. Can't wait for that romantic getaway with your other half? Our boutique has Arso by Profumum Roma siempre in stock in 3 versions.


Principales acuerdos: pine resin, cedar leaves, leather


Vanitas: the holy grail of warm vanilla scents

 vanitas profumum roma

Long-lasting perfume de nicho that is meant for drawing attention all to yourself. Definitely the right choice for the party – it's so uplifting and bold. Unlike many vanilla-based niche fragrances, Vanitas is not cloying or sugary. The citrus note cuts the overload of sweetness and myrrh adds a crisp aspect to the composition.


Vanitas sounds like a "grown-up" version of vanilla fragrances – the addition of myrrh makes it slightly oriental but the faint hint of orange blossom keeps the scent from turning seductive and strong. Can be purchased as a sample, travel- or full-size on our website.


Principales acuerdos: vanilla, sandalwood, myrrh, orange blossom


Acqua Viva: smells more lemony than a real lemon

 Acqua viva profumum roma

True Italian perfume with dominating note of Amalfi Coast lemons. It's a pure reminder of a long-coveted vacation on the seaside and is meant to cheer you up on hot sunny days. Subtle touches of cedar and cypress add little aromaticity to the composition.


Can be worn solo or layered with other perfumes. The longevity is amazing (which is rare for citrus fragrances) – a few spritzes are enough to last the entire weekend on your skin. I certainly suggest getting a sample before aiming for the full bottle.


Principales acuerdos: lemon, cypress, cedar, laburnum


Sorriso: delicious Italian perfume for a sweet tooth

 Sorriso profumum roma

This niche fragrance by Profumum Roma feels like a big mug of comforting hot chocolate with a drop of liqueur for extra warmth. However, this is not a childish scent – I feel the strong vibes of a mountain cabin in the Alps, as you rest after skiing and the staff pours a hot drink into your mug. Don't hesitate to wear it on dates, especially during winter and fall.


Sorriso nicely adapts to the skin chemistry and is totally unisex. It's a great smell for getting compliments or relaxing under the blanket with a book. Its magic works both ways. If you're looking for a soft and long-lasting perfume with top notes of natural chocolate, give it a try.


Principales acuerdos: dark chocolate, vanilla, exotic woods, bitter orange


Acqua E Zucchero: elegant sweetness by Profumum Roma

Acqua e Zucchero profumum roma perfume 

The unique play of sweet and sour notes is the core of this Italian perfume: Acqua E Zucchero opens up with an outburst of exciting sugary marshmallows, which is balanced by the fruitiness of berries and slight citrusy freshness.


Tratar this remarkable and magnetic scent – Parfum Exquis has 3 size versions in stock.


Principales acuerdos: vanilla, forest fruits, orange blossom


Acqua Di Sale: spirit-lifting sea breeze

 acqua di sale profumum Roma perfume fragrance

A classic marine fragrance, which makes you feel like emerging from the sea, with skin covered with tiny grains of salt. It's amazing how the right combination of base notes can evoke distant memories and associations. Suitable for summer outings. Longevity is brutal as it's typical for all Profumum Roma creaciones


If you've been dreaming of a bottled piece of ocean, this niche perfume is the right choice! It's fresh, clean, and realistic. The scent will whisk your mind away to the seaside even when your body is still in a noisy megalopolis.


Principales acuerdos: salt, seaweed, myrtle, cedar

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M Mario Fiorilli
1 mar 2023

Very enjoyable first visit to this lovely store that offers an impressive selection of hand picked niche fragrances. Warm welcome from owners in addition to tour. Thank you Stan, Val, and Dimitri!

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