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5 perfumes de nicho de vainilla que te volverán loco a ti (y a tu hombre)

6 ene 2022

Top 5 Niche Perfumes con Vainilla To Invest In

Throughout the history of perfumery, vainilla has been known as the key ingredient for a major part of fragrances. Even the luxury brands like Chanel and Dior couldn't resist the temptation and added this component into their signature perfumes.


Nowadays, noble vainilla is combined with dozens of other ingredients and, as a result, acquires versatile gourmand scents – from tart and woody to floral and delicate. Suitable for special occasions, nights out, cozy evenings at home, casual meetings, and black-tie events, it can easily adapt to your needs.


Despite its universal success, vainilla fragrances aren't easy to get right. This ingredient is prestigious and expensive so if you want to get a high-quality product we recommend choosing one designed by a niche company.


Perfume de nicho is a guarantee of a triumph: it's lasting, alluring, even a bit seductive! Here's our selection of the top 5 best fragrances with a touch of vainilla.

  1. Vanilla Oud by Vertus

Vanilla Oud by Vertus niche fragrance

Main accords: wood, vanilla, agarwood, caramel


When to wear: rainy fall, chilly winter, early spring


The warm elegance and spicy notes of this niche perfume will envelop you and transport you to the cozy house in the mountains. The lingering smell on the skin brings back memories of creaking fire, roasted marshmallows, sweet caramel, and creamy vanilla. The majestic scent, a bit brutal and deep. The echoes of sandalwood, vanilla, and oud in the base awaken mysterious senses. Irreplaceable for date nights. Can be used by both Him and Her.



Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens niche perfume

Main accords: vanilla, coconut, beeswax, black licorice


When to wear: when you need a festive mood


The bestselling perfume of the brand. Calming and magical clouds of delicate vanilla notes and licorice envelope you like a cocoon. Lasting but not heavy. Mild and soulful, dreamy like a date with Prince Charming. Reminds of warm winter evenings spent with family. Can be a perfect addition to at-home date nights, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Valentine's day celebrations.



Vanitas by Profumum Roma parfum

Main accords: vanilla, myrrh, African orange flower, sandalwood


When to wear: fall, winter, early spring


Thick, charismatic, sweet scent with the hints of cotton candy. High concentration of oils so 1-2 sprays on the skin will be enough. Impressive longevity. One of the perfumes de nicho where sugary vanilla notes dominate over everything else.


The floral and flirty notes of this fragrance are ideal for people of young age and those who miss the sweet memories of a childhood filled with smells of icing on the cake or cotton candy.




tobacco vanille by Tom ford EDP

Main accords: tobacco, vanilla


When to wear: cold winter


An absolute best-seller and a must of all lists of perfumes de nicho with vanilla notes, which is often described by customers as "a true masterpiece" and "a gold standard". Everything here screams about chic, success, and confidence. The aroma is complex and rich – the warm blend of cigars, prominent vanilla with echoes of expensive red wine (due to dried fruits).


A bold and seductive fragrance for mature ladies and gentlemen, it has to be worn on special occasions like weddings and black-tie events. Associated with power, Guy Ritchie's movies, Western saloons.




Vanilla Cake by Montale edp spray

Main accords: meringue, milk, caramel, vanilla, almond


When to wear: cold frosty winter


The pleasant and realistic smell of vanilla milkshake. One of the most delicious scents in our selection of niche perfumes.


Vanilla is dominant here but you can also smell the almond and creamy notes, sweet caramel topping. Just a few sprays are enough to awaken the festive mood and transfer you directly to a cake bakery shop. Although announced as unisex, this perfume seems to be more suitable for women.

Vanilla aromas en niche perfume tienen un equilibrio perfecto de gourmand y características seductoras. Están lejos de los olores artificiales baratos de la vainillina sintética y pueden ser una gran inversión y un regalo para los días fríos.

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