Gritti Super Nova review

Stellar Explosion Energy: Just Launched Supernova Gritti

28 mar 2024

My friend is a huge fan of diving. However, due to his current health condition, he is unable to indulge in this hobby. He used to dive into the water like a fish, and a smile would adorn his face all day afterward. I decided to give him a fragrance that would remind him of the atmosphere he experienced before his dives. Perhaps this would bring him some solace until he is able to return to exploring the boundless underwater universe. He liked the scent, so I am writing this review right after sampling it.

Captivating Deep Turquoise with Supernova Gritti

Super nova Gritti perfume

The turquoise-colored box Supernova Gritti with an elegant golden logo immediately captured my attention, and the fragrance bottle itself simply amazed me with its beauty. The incredible bottle, shimmering with different shades like ocean waves, has a sturdy shape, and the minimalist square golden cap adds a special charm. I envision this color as one from the cosmos or the depths of the sea. Supernova Gritti looks perfect for gifting!

Super nova Gritti: Metallic and Frosty Nuances

Supernova Gritti perfume

Right from the first notes, you can sense a refined composition of mineral tones and green pepper, segueing into mysterious accords of gunpowder and oud. I can confirm Supernova Gritti is unisex, I would personally not mind spritzing it on myself, but since it's a gift for my friend, I am simply observing from the sidelines. All of this culminates in the magnificent metallic notes and gray amber. I can say that it is perfect for winter or late autumn, but my friend insists he will also use Supernova Gritti in summer. And yes, its trail truly is endless, like the universe.

Feel Alive with Supernova Gritti

This mineral oud fragrance, born from cosmic chaos, shines with wild beauty. When I experience Supernova Gritti, I immerse myself in a vivid, intense aquatic atmosphere, feeling like it beckons me to open my eyes to the night, preserving the cosmos in its mineral abyss. Subtle metallic chords intertwine with frosty aromatic nuances, creating a deep, dark blend of oud and gray amber. Supernova Gritti is a cosmic transformation resonating with the energy of a stellar explosion. As my friend said: "it reminds me of the deep sea blue and immerses me in water, where I feel fully alive."

This fragrance is akin to the mineral oud Ganymede by Marc-Antoine Barrois, but not too much so – after all, Supernova Gritti has a uniquely captivating blend.

Overall, these fragrances truly impress with their subtlety and enigma. Supernova Gritti is suitable for both women and men, perfectly complementing one's look during winter and autumn days. The metallic notes and gray amber create a finishing touch, making the fragrance memorable and exceptional. Personally, it was a delight to savor this wonderful trail, which, like the universe, mysteriously captivates attention.

Is Supernova Gritti a unisex fragrance?

Yes, Supernova Gritti is a versatile unisex fragrance designed to be enjoyed by individuals of all genders, offering a modern and luxurious profile.

What sets Supernova Gritti apart from other fragrances in the Gritti collection?

Supernova Gritti stands out for its unique and contemporary scent profile, blending traditional and modern elements to create a fragrance that exudes sophistication and elegance.

Is Supernova Gritti long-lasting on the skin?

This fragrance is known for its long-lasting performance, with a fragrance that lingers throughout the day, evolving beautifully on the skin and leaving a lasting impression.

Can I buy a Supernova Gritti?

yes you are, we are happy to offer free shipping on all orders for USA and Canada


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