Top Aquatic Fragrances Review

The power of the ocean: Top Aquatic Fragrances

21 juin 2024

In the 80s and 90s, fragrances with aquatic notes of water really began to gain popularity. It seems that in 2024, the popularity of these fragrances will revive again. These fragrances are those that have a fresh, water, and often marine quality. For all lovers of the sea and summer holidays, I've compiled a selection of fragrances with aquatic notes.

Black Sea Lorenzo Pazzaglia: the smell of algae and the salty sea

Black Sea totally captures the vibe of the deep blue sea just before a storm. The refreshing mix of sea salt and seaweed, which you can really smell in it, creates a cool and charming atmosphere. It lasted about 6 hours on my skin. This unisex scent is a must-have for any perfume lover and is suitable for any season. I thought it was more of an evening scent, but maybe it would work well for someone during the day too.

Perfume review Black Sea Lorenzo Pazzaglia

Fresh sea fragrance: Sea God Theodoros Kalotinis

For guys, the awesome fragrance Dear God from Theodoros Kolatin is a soft and warm, oceanic scent, perfect for summer. It's a fragrance that stays close to your skin and radiates with freshness and coolness. It lasted on me for 5 hours and all that time, I was getting compliments from girls. There's nothing unexpected about it - just a nice, cool, fresh, ocean-inspired fragrance.

Perfume Review Theodoros Kalotinis Ses God

Fragrance fresh watermelon slices: Solstice Andrea Maack

Solstice is a gender-neutral fragrance that's inspired by the summer in the north. It's so funny how it combines the scent of juicy, sweet watermelon with a long-lasting amber base. The watermelon notes aren't like those in kids' cosmetics - they're more like the real smell of cold, fresh watermelon slices. I don't know how the perfume makers did it, but those perfumes give me the feeling of taking a cold shower after eating some delicious fruits.

Perfume review Solstice Andrea Maack

Aqua Sextius Jul et Mad: sea fragrance with eucalyptus

Aqua Sextius is a unisex perfume that really shines among my summer fragrances. The combo of eucalyptus and bergamot citrus surprised me it seems like it has even more of a sea scent thanks to those notes. The scent makes me feel like I am sitting on the beach, sipping a tropical drink and breathing in the sea air. Soothing and refreshing, this one lasts more than 4 hours and it's definitely cool.



Sea picnic vibe: Sel D'Argent BDK

Sel D'Argent" by BDK has a clean, fresh scent that's a bit like shampoo from an upscale hotel. It's got notes of salt, grapefruit, and bergamot - just what I wanted for summer. The slightly greenish undertones give it a unique touch that sets it apart from traditional oceanic fragrances. It's not too overpowering, but it lasts for about 6 hours - perfect for those who want a fresh, summery scent.

Perfume review Sel D'argent BDK

In summary, watery scents bring a relaxing sea-like vibe and vacation vibes right to your soul. There's a wide range of fragrance with aquatic notes out there for all tastes and occasions, so I hope my article helped you out.


What are the aquatic notes in fragrance?

In fragrances, aquatic notes are utilized to add a refreshing element and introduce a unique seawater scene that invigorates both the mind and senses. 

What is the scent profile of water-based perfumes?

In the realm of fragrance ingredients, "water" typically indicates a fresh, oceanic, salty or seawater scent that is achieved through a complex combination of synthetic compounds.

Is water based perfume better?

Water-based perfumes offer a safe fragrance option for a variety of consumers, particularly those with sensitive skin. Their clean and fresh scent is not overwhelming.

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