Second skin fragrances review

Second Skin perfumes : Top Natural non-flashy fragrances

14 juin 2024

Scents sitting close to the skin are not just scents that surround us, but also elegant to express their individuality and uniqueness. They have a special charm and magic, because they do not strangle others and at the same time complement the image of their owner. They will allow you to feel confident in yourself, emphasizing your naturalness and ease, without the excesses of pungent odors. Not strong fragrances sitting close to the skin, like nothing else, are able to show a person who knows the etiquette of wearing perfumes and emphasize his nobility and good manners.

That's what Mom smells like: Sonic flower Room 1015

This one is unisex, but I can't really imagine a man wearing it. I would wear Sonic Flower Room 1015 during the day in warm weather. It has a fresh and unique scent with carrot seeds and pink pepper. The iris root and jasmine give it a soft and tender feel. Although it doesn't last long, it lasts about 6 hours on me! The base notes of musk, amber, and cashmere add depth and warmth to it, making it a great choice for those who like gentle and feminine fragrances. It reminds me of my childhood and the warmth of my mother's skin.

Perfume Review Sonic Flower Room 1015

Diverse herbal fragrance:  De los Santos Byredo

I recently tried De los Santos Byredo, a summer herbal fragrance. The beautiful sage note is incredibly diverse in it, sometimes presenting a bitter edge and other times a fresh aroma. As it develops, a slight powderiness emerges, and the base becomes subtly sweeter, likely due to the presence of iris and musk. This perfume is wonderfully versatile, suiting both women and men equally well. One of its features is its ability to adapt to any temperature, refreshing in the heat and warming in the cold. It lasted moderately long on me, about six hours, with a gentle sillage that lingers pleasantly around those close by.

Perfume Review Byredo De Los Santos

Vampire-core aesthetics perfume: Molecule 01 + Iris Escentric Molecules

It is perfect for both men and women. This scent is incredibly versatile, suitable for any time of the year. On my skin, it lasted a solid six to seven hours. While it doesn’t have a strong sillage, Molecule 01 + Iris Escentric Molecules offers a unique and unusual scent profile. Initially, it smells like wet cigarette paper, which then evolves into a dusty iris aroma, creating a slightly Gothic atmosphere. It's not a fragrance that announces itself loudly, but rather one that invites those around you to lean in and discover its intriguing layers.

Perfume Review Molecule 01+ Iris

Areej Attar Collection: Gentle Powder

Beyond its stunning packaging, Areej offers a cool, woody-musky scent that is both elegant and comforting. This fragrance is specifically designed for women and boasts impressive longevity, lasting more than seven hours on my skin. Interestingly, it seems to soften my skin as well, adding a touch to its charming profile. The scent is subtle and can easily be mistaken for the natural fragrance of your hair or clean clothes, or even a delicate pink deodorant. Its versatility makes it suitable for any season, adding to its appeal.

Perfume Review Areej Attar Collection

In summary, each of these scents has something special and intriguing about it. De los Santos by Byredo is impressive with its versatile herbal freshness and subtle sweetness. Molecule 01+Iris by Escentric Molecules is notable for its unique, gothic-inspired scent and calm elegance. If you're looking for a daily go-to fragrance or something more interesting, these second skin perfumes are sure to catch your attention.

Expert opinion, Dmitrii

The second skin fragrance can be a real lifesaver on those days when you need to just get outside. They can help you feel natural and uncomplicated while also being pleasant. However, they often need to be refreshed during the day, especially if your skin is "cold", so I recommend always having a bottle with you to ensure you can, if desired, lightly enhance or refresh the fragrance as you go. My personal favourite in this category definitely Sonic Flower, such a seductive and elegant perfume.



What are "Second Skin" perfumes?

They are fragrances designed to blend seamlessly with your natural scent, creating a subtle and personal aroma. These perfumes are usually light, intimate, and enhance your natural body chemistry rather than overpower it.

Are "Second Skin" perfumes unisex?

Many of that type perfumes are unisex and crafted to appeal to all genders. Their subtle and neutral scent profiles often make them suitable for anyone looking for a fragrance that enhances their natural aroma.

How long do "Second Skin" perfumes typically last?

The longevity of those perfumes can vary depending on the specific fragrance and your skin type. Generally, they last between 4 and 8 hours. Factors like skin hydration, activity level, and environmental conditions can affect their duration.

How should I apply "Second Skin" perfumes for the best effect?

To get the best effect from that type perfumes, apply them to pulse points like the wrists, neck, and behind the ears. These areas emit heat, which helps to diffuse the fragrance and blend it with your natural scent. A light mist on your clothing or hair can also prolong the scent.

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L Liam
20 juin 2024

Sonic Flower Room 1015 is a beautifully delicate scent, perfect for those who appreciate subtle and sophisticated fragrances. Its blend of carrot seeds, pink pepper, iris root, and jasmine evokes warmth and nostalgia, making it ideal for daytime wear in warm weather. This scent is elegant yet understated, lasting around six hours, and is complemented by base notes of musk, amber, and cashmere. Discover more at [](

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