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11 mars 2024

Recently, I attended a tea ceremony, and it was difficult not to immerse myself in this unique world of exploring tea leaves. It got me thinking, what could be more enticing than the scent of tea? It's like a touch to the soul, evoking dreams of travels and memories of cozy evenings by the fireplace. That's why today, I invite you to embark on a journey into the world of fragrances with notes of tea. Let's together discover this drink from a new perspective, focusing on its scent and how the familiar scents of tea can play a role in perfumes.

Enchanting Tea Notes in Ruy Lopez Mind Games


Its composition includes notes such as black pepper, black tea, and cherry, creating a unique blend of aromas. All these tones in Ruy Lopez Mind Games harmonize with each other, emitting an atmosphere of incomprehensible luxury. Among them, notes of davana, rose, and rum stand out, adding refinement and mystery. Base notes of patchouli, leather, and oak make this perfume very long-lasting and deep. It smells like the most expensive tea; I feel the atmosphere of a tea room in Windsor Palace. Ruy Lopez Mind Games is perfect for cool weather, offering you an unforgettable trail thanks to its longevity.

Tranquil Atmosphere: Gris Charnel BDK Parfums


An ideal choice for women and men who love sophisticated scents. The blend of top notes of cardamom, fig, and black tea with heart notes of iris and bourbon vetiver creates a truly unique bouquet. Base notes of sandalwood and tonka bean add depth and warmth. Gris Charnel BDK Parfums is best enjoyed in mid-season, creating an aura of tranquility and serenity, as if you are in your cozy home on a rainy April morning. The longevity of Gris Charnel BDK Parfums allows you to enjoy its scent throughout the day.

Natural Freshness with Molecule 01+ Black Tea Escentric Molecules


This perfume truly embodies freshness and purity. Like a walk through the forest after rain, Molecule 01+ Black Tea by Escentric Molecules fills the air with fresh notes complemented by subtle bitterness. This scent is perfect for both women and men, without overwhelming sweetness or "masculinity." The most notable feature is its lasting power, which pleases without being overpowering. When you wear Molecule 01+ Black Tea Escentric Molecules, you will smell like high-quality dry black tea, something like Earl Grey. This perfume is a real find for those who appreciate natural freshness and naturalness.

Pomelo Sorrento by Gritti: Feel the Freshness of Green Tea


The fresh scent of green tea and pomelo with grapefruit awakens the senses, while base notes of vetiver and amber add sophistication. Like Lipton's iced tea with lemon, Pomelo Sorrento by Gritti refreshes and makes you feel alive. With moderate longevity, it is ideal for summer, bringing a mood of joy and freshness. This perfume is like a cool breeze after a hot day; it attracts with its originality and zest. I believe Pomelo Sorrento by Gritti will not leave anyone indifferent.

Mixed Emotions by Byredo: Treasure in a Magical Forest


Suitable for both men and women year-round. Mixed Emotions by Byredo is unusual; it's like it's from another world. Blackcurrant and mate create a unique sound, while base notes of birch and papyrus add mystery. These are not just perfumes; they are a true piece of art. Not for everyone, but for those who appreciate unique scents, they will be a real treasure. Try Mixed Emotions by Byredo, and you will find yourself in a magical forest at dawn, where every scent is like a riddle waiting to be solved.

FAQ : 

What are the benefits of wearing tea fragrances?

Tea fragrances are often associated with freshness, lightness, and a calming effect, making them perfect for everyday wear and bringing a sense of sophistication to any occasion.

Can tea fragrances be layered with other scents?

Yes, tea fragrances can be layered with other fragrances to create unique scent combinations. Experiment with floral, citrus, or woody scents to personalize your fragrance profile.

Do tea fragrances work well in different seasons?

Tea fragrances are versatile and can be worn year-round. Lighter tea scents are refreshing in summer, while deeper tea notes can add warmth in colder months.

Are there natural tea fragrance options available?

Yes, some perfumers use natural ingredients like tea extracts and essential oils to create authentic tea fragrances that capture the true essence of tea leaves.


In conclusion, the experience of attending a tea ceremony opened my eyes to the sensory world of tea fragrances. The familiar scent of tea leaves brings to mind nostalgic memories and dreams of far-off places. I urge you to join me on this journey of exploration as we delve into the aromatic realm of tea notes in perfumes. The subtle and alluring scent of tea can transport us to different times and places, evoking emotions and sparking creativity. Therefore, the next time you choose your fragrance, take a moment to appreciate the endless possibilities of incorporating tea notes into your daily perfume. Let's savor the magic of tea scents together and embrace the wonder of this ancient and beloved beverage. 


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