14 hours dream jusbox
A Anastasia Novosad

Embrace the Magic of Life with 14 Hours Dream Jusbox: A Captivating Fragrance Journey

16 févr. 2024

I was on the hunt for new perfume that would suit me. I visited a lot of perfume shops, but it was the same everywhere…But then, one day, I came across a photo of a 14 hours dream by Jusbox on Pinterest. Incredible emotions filled my heart, and I just realized that this is exactly what I was looking for, although I had no idea what the fragrance would actually smell like! Such a coincidence couldn't just be a fluke! I immediately ordered it for myself, and I think I found the perfect fragrance to immerse myself in my dreams on a rainy day and feel amazing!

Music inspired masterpiece

The packaging of the "14 Hours Dream Just box" is simply amazing, as is the captivating fragrance it contains. In a luxurious bottle, sparkling like a starry sky, the fragrance promises truly extraordinary sensual sensations. The bottle itself is a masterpiece, radiating sophistication and elegance, perfectly reflecting the enchanting fragrance that it contains.

 jusbox 14 hour dream perfume

"14 Hours Dream Jusbox" is more than just a fragrance it’s an open invitation to unleash your wildest desires and plunge into the magic of life. The choice of color for the packaging of "14 Hours Dream" is a tribute to the rebellious spirit of the 70s, symbolizing the sense of freedom of an entire generation. The amazing design of the vinyl record on the packaging will undoubtedly make the heart of any music lover freeze. This enchanting combination of notes creates a symphony on your skin, leaving behind an irresistibly charming and mysterious aura with every step you take. So go ahead, immerse yourself in this captivating fragrance and let its magic take you on a journey.

Where, When and How- all you want to know about 14 Hours Dream Jusbox

Jusbox perfume 14 hours dream

14 Hours Dream Jusbox - the perfect fragrance for both men and women, especially in rainy autumn and cold season. Experience the perfect combination of warm, creamy woody notes, with effervescent spice notes and notes of sweet, almost medicinal patchouli that awaken all your senses. When you immerse yourself in the fragrance, vanilla is revealed, subtly seductive, while the heart of the fragrance carries a mysterious, smoky allure thanks to black pepper. Incredibly resistant for the first 3-4 hours and continue to last up to 12 hours.

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

Jusbox perfume

14 Hour Dream is a perfume that pays tribute to the psychedelic music of Pink Floyd and the first legendary music festival with its captivating atmosphere. This fragrance is breathtakingly fresh and profound, evoking the atmosphere of a rehearsal room filled with opium smoke. In its top notes, you'll find vanilla blossom, saffron, and ginger, creating a unique blend of sweetness and spiciness. In the heart of this perfume, notes of patchouli, iris, and black pepper blend together, forming a bold and mesmerizing combination reminiscent of the scent of denim fabric and a leather jacket. The base notes unveil the scent of sandalwood, guaiac wood, and white cedar, adding a touch of mystery and elegance to the fragrance.

Perfumes similar to Jusbox 14 Hour Dream

I find a remarkable resemblance to Vanille Patchouli Eau de Parfum by Molinard, Ani by Nishane, and Black Phantom by Kilian.


I must say, Jusbox 14 Hour Dream is a high-quality and unusual fragrance. I adore the combination of dark woody patchouli and the vibrant note of vanilla. The fragrance has excellent depth and longevity, which undoubtedly delights its wearers. Additionally, the packaging of the fragrance is beautifully designed, providing even more aesthetic pleasure. Jusbox 14 Hour Dream undeniably resonates with dark rock music, and its atmosphere perfectly complements your style in the colder seasons. It creates a sense of freedom and effortlessness, making it ideal for both men and women to wear on a daily basis.


1) Where to buy 14 Hours Dream Jusbox sample?

You can always purchase decants of your favorite perfumes. Dive deeper into the art of scent with our sample sets, always available for those who wish to discover their next signature fragrance.

2) What other fragrances from Jusbox are worth exploring?

Definitely take a moment to check out Cheeky Smile, Sirens & Sailors, and Visionary Eye from Jusbox. They're all stunning in their own way and totally worth a sniff when you get the chance.

3) What does 14 Hours Dream Jusbox smell like?

It is the perfect combination of warm, creamy woody notes with effervescent notes of spices and notes of sweet, almost medicinal patchouli. When the vanilla note opens, the heart of the fragrance carries a mysterious, smoky charm thanks to black pepper. Reminiscent of the scent of denim fabric and a leather jacket.

4) Where to buy 14 Hours Dream Jusbox perfume?

We are proud to announce that we are the exclusive retailer for Jusbox perfumes in Canada. You can always find the 14 Hours Dream Jusbox perfume available for purchase in our store.

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