Discover Fig Infusion Perfume Review

Discover Fig Infusion Perfume Review

20 juin 2024

Creamy Delight of Fig Infusion Essential Parfums: A Perfectly Balanced Scent

I'm totally obsessed with the smell of figs in perfume, and it just took over me one day. Up until then, I was just admiring the fig aroma when it passed by people, but then I decided to go ahead and buy my own fragrance with my favorite fruit, no questions asked. And I was so happy! So get ready, because I'm going to tell you all about this addition to my collection, and maybe you'll want to try it too.

Review Fig Infusion Essential Parfums

Luxurious and Safe: The Stylish Packaging 

The packaging for this perfume is awesomeso stylish, pretty, and comfortable! The bottle arrived safely in its box, without a scratch, thanks to that thoughtful design. It's made of shiny, high-quality glass that gives it a luxurious feel. And the elegant font on the label really adds to the overall elegance of the scent, making it a great addition to any vanity.

From Green and Tart to Sweet and Woody

Fig Infusion has a really creamy and light figgy scent. When you first smell it, it's really green and tart, with a hint of coconut. But as it develops, it gets sweeter and sweeter, turning into balsam, cream and woodsy notes. In addition to figs, there's also sandalwood, benzoin and tea, which are all beautifully balanced. This scent is versatile and works well in any season. It lasted on my skin for about 6 hours, and the smell lingered close to my skin for a few more hours after that. Wow!

Fig Infusion Review Essential Parfums Review

Sour the Sweetness: Fig-Topped Cheesecake

This fragrance reminds me of enjoying a cheesecake in a cozy cafe.You know, that perfect slice with a fig on top, all that creaminess and sweetness just melding together. And then there's the tea notes, which just add to the whole experience.  It's like being transported back to that cafe, already thinking about ordering another slice. It's such a warm and comforting scent, every time I smell it.



This fragrance is similar to The Matcha 26 Le Labo and Gris Charnel BDK Parfums

Wearing Fig Infusion makes it easy to be smiling and sweet. The delightful balance of its notes creates a positive and uplifting experience, perfect for any occasion. It’s a fragrance that adds a touch of joy to your day. I find myself reaching for it often, appreciating its ability to make me feel effortlessly pleasant and sophisticated.

Essential Parfums Review Fig Infusion

Specialist Dmitrii advice:

I just want to point out that these soft and subtle scents are all the rage this season, and they're really gaining popularity. This particular perfume is amazing - it has a perfect balance of notes that create a smooth, pleasant aroma. Keep in mind that the smell of fig isn't too sweet or heavy, it's just sweet enough, with a hint of freshness to it.


Is Fig Infusion made with natural ingredients?

Yes, Essential Parfums prides itself on using high-quality, natural ingredients. Fig Infusion is crafted with a blend of natural essences and sustainable materials, ensuring a fragrance that is both luxurious and environmentally conscious.

What occasions is Fig Infusion best suited for?

Fig Infusion is a versatile fragrance that can be worn for various occasions. Its fresh and fruity notes make it perfect for daytime wear, casual outings, and even special events where a light, pleasant scent is desired.

Fig Infusion Essential Fragrance Review

How long does the scent of Fig Infusion last?

The longevity of this perfume typically ranges from 6 to 8 hours, depending on skin type and environmental factors. Its staying power ensures that you can enjoy the fragrance throughout the day.

What notes are featured in Fig Infusion by Essential Parfums?

It features prominent notes of fresh fig, mandarin, and a hint of white woods. The fragrance blends the sweetness of fig with the crispness of mandarin, resulting in a balanced and inviting scent.

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