Les Princes Du Golfe Perfumes Review

Unveiling the Dreamiest Oriental Fragrances from Les Fleurs du Golfe

11 mai 2024

This brand was created with a clear goal of highlighting the best scents of the East back in 2016, and since then Les Fleurs du Golfe continues to surprise. Their essences are exclusively crafted in a laboratory in France. The blend of long-lasting Eastern fragrances and high-class French perfume mastery has created a unique identity for this brand. Today, we'll talk about the best scents from Les Fleurs du Golfe, so you can choose the perfect one for you.

Enchanting Symphony: Cherry of Cashmere by Les Fleurs du Golfe

Cherry of Cashmere suits both men and women. From the first notes of bergamot, it captivates with freshness, then reveals a rich amber base, creating a sultry atmosphere. Exotic flowers gradually emerge, lending  Cherry of Cashmere  gentleness and mystery. Musk and vanilla smoothly blend into a creamy note, leaving an unforgettable trail. Its longevity is impressive, lasting on clothes until washed. For me, it's a cold-weather scent, as the combination of exotic flowers and amber base is very warm and quite sweet.

Les Princes Du Golfe Cherry of Cashmere

Dive into Autumn Elegance: Les Fleurs du Golfe Gourmand Extreme

Gourmand Extreme struck me as truly neutral in terms of the gender of its wearer. There's no distinctiveness of traditional "masculine" or "feminine" notes. Its top notes of spices and exotic flowers create an atmosphere as if I'm traveling through Eastern countries were heavily spiced dishes are prepared generously, while middle notes of lily of the valley add a touch of lightness and freshness to the composition. As the scent develops, base notes of musk and vanilla create a warm and soothing aftertaste, perfectly suited for fresh autumn air.



Emeraude Gourmand: Undoubtedly, it will appeal to everyone, but be careful.

Emeraude Gourmand by Les Fleurs du Golfe is a fragrance for both men and women, which I would classify as unisex. The initial accord of red fruits, bergamot, and orange playfully intertwines with caramel and coconut, creating a teasing introduction. Eventually, notes of jasmine, sambac, and patchouli unfold. However, the strength of musk and vanilla in the base can be overwhelming. Its presence is undeniable during wear, lingering in the air, indicating its longevity. However, caution should be exercised as its intensity can easily overwhelm you and those around you.

Les Princes Du Golfe Emeraude Gourmande

Charm and Warmth: Cherry of Cashmere by Les Fleurs du Golfe

I was surprised to learn that this is a universal scent for both women and men, as I see it exclusively feminine. The composition of Cherry of Cashmere impresses with its variety and harmony: cherry and mandarin, patchouli, vanilla, white suede, and amber! But perhaps the most interesting thing about this scent is that despite its variability, there's always a hint of mandarin present. Cherry of Cashmere reminds me of cherries being prepared into jam or syrup - tangy, sweet, and incredibly bright.


How to know if a perfume is vegan?

If you are looking for a perfume that is not only cruelty-free, but also vegan, be sure to look for that information on the label. If there is nothing on the label to state that the perfume is vegan, or made entirely from botanical ingredients, chances are the perfume still contains some animal-derived ingredients.

Are Les Fleurs du Golfe perfumes long-lasting?

Yes, indeed, Les Fleurs du Golfe perfumes are renowned for their long-lasting qualities. Many users report that these fragrances have excellent staying power, often lasting throughout the day, thanks to their high-quality ingredients and careful formulation. This makes them a favorite among those who appreciate enduring scents.

What types of floral notes are featured in "Les Fleurs du Golfe" perfumes?

Les Fleurs du Golfe perfumes feature a variety of floral notes inspired by the coastal regions, including jasmine, rose, lily, magnolia, and more. These fragrances capture the essence of blooming flowers found near the Gulf.

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