Summertime niche perfume set
The box consist of 3 niche perfume decants by 5 ml/0.17 oz.

Summertime niche perfume set 5ml/0.17oz

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The Summertime set is the best way to complement your look during hot summer 2021. The box consist of 3 niche perfume decants by  5ml/0.34 oz. Refreshing and unique.

Blanche by Byredo is a floral scent enriched with elegant notes of violets, roses, peony and African orange blossom. This unique fragrance will be good for chilly and hot days 


Moonlight in Heaven by Killian is a unisex perfume infused with sugary notes of stylish fougere unisex fragrance with sweet notes of coconut, rice, mango, tonka bean, fresh grapefruit, lemon, vetiver and pink pepper. This fougere fragrance is refreshing and delicious


Aqua Celestia by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a unisex energetic floral-green scent. Has refreshing revitalizing notes of lime, mint, black currant and delicate mimosa. Delicate and sensitive, perfect for hot days