Azalea by attar collection
Azalea by Attar Collection
Azalea by Attar Collection

Azalea by Attar Collection

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From the first notes, the fragrance clearly proclaims itself with sharp citron notes and a duet of delicate orchid and exotic ylang-ylang.

The heart of Attar Collection Azalea is dominated by slightly powdery vanilla, almond notes of sweet marzipan, heliotrope, and velvety rose.

The silage of the scent is woven from notes of sandalwood, white musk, and the noble smoky wax scent of myrrh essential oil.

Shining and luxurious, this perfume embodies the mood and rhythm of nightlife in Dubai, brings us into an oriental fairy tale with its multifaceted scent.

Attar Collection Azalea will effectively complement the expressive, vivid image of its owner. The ideal time to discover this perfume is during the cold seasons.

Top notes: ylang-ylang, orchid, lemon peel

Middle notes: heliotrope, marzipan, vanilla, rose

Base notes: myrrh, white musk, sandalwood